Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Gynecomastia Story for Sacramento

A Patient’s Gynecomastia Story

Men with gynecomastia do a lot of research, mostly on the internet, hoping to find a solution to get rid of their enlarged male breasts. There is a plethora of information about gynecomastia available through articles, blogs, scientific studies and social media that is invaluable. However, many men are looking for a more personal experience.

Dr. Miguel Delgado’s has an out of town gynecomastia patient, we will refer to as Brad, documented his surgery experience. Brad made a video where he describes how he is feeling up until the time of his surgery through his follow up appointment three days after surgery. Brad’s goal is to make the gynecomastia surgery journey less stressful for other men.

Miguel Delgado, M.D.'s Gynecomastia Patient

Brad’s video begins with a car ride to his hotel where he plans to stay until his post-operative visit when he gets his sutures removed. Brad admits he is nervous and somewhat anxious but the primary emotion he is feeling is excitement. He is finally doing something positive to achieve a normal looking male chest.

Lined up on a table in Brad’s hotel room are his medications, he then proceeds to explain what each one is for. Two weeks before surgery is Brad’s VitaMedica, a high quality vitamin that Dr. Delgado believes aids in recovery for his patients. Additionally, there is an antibiotic, anti-nausea, and pain medication for after surgery.

While Brad is waiting to report to the surgery center, he states that his hunger is more on his mind than being nervous about his surgery. Anytime a patient has surgery under general anesthesia it is mandatory that the patient has nothing to eat or drink for several hours before surgery, the amount of time will be determined by the anesthesiologist.

Finally, the time has arrived for Brad to report to the surgery center; he is made comfortable by the staff while the preoperative preparations take place.

Our next view of Brad is day three after surgery when he arrives at the office to have his drains removed. He is obviously pleased that he had surgery and is ecstatic with his male breast reduction results. He states that he is now “ready to live life!”

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