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Gynecomastia Revision Or Redo Surgery | Sacramento, CA

Gynecomastia Revision Needed, Is It Time For a New Surgeon?

Sacramento, California - Men, who are faced with the prospect of needing gynecomastia revision surgery, wonder if they need to find a new surgeon. The answer depends on what type of revision is involved and why it is needed. Was the original surgeon Board Certified in Plastic Surgery? Does the surgeon specialize in male breast reduction surgery?

Liposuction only does not treat true gynecomastia.

There are several reasons that a revision surgery might be needed. The most common is where the surgeon may have used liposuction alone and left behind breast tissue that must be removed by surgical excision. Other common revision procedures are where the surgeon has under-resected or over-resected the male breast. If it was under-resected re-excision will be necessary. For over-resection, the result may be what is referred to as a crater deformity, and correction of the crater will involve a fat flap or fat injections.

Crater deformity-Sacramento, CA
Crater Deformity

Crater deformity-Sacramento, CA
Fat injection and scar revision

Gynecomastia Revision Surgery Requires Expertise

Sometimes a revision can be something minor such as tightening up some redundant skin or easing of a fold in the nipple/areola. These type of corrections usually can be done as an office procedure and sometimes need to be done as a secondary procedure. The gynecomastia specialist knows if a secondary procedure may be necessary and will explain this to the patient prior to surgery.

If the cause of the revision gives the patient some concern, a frank discussion with the surgeon is warranted. If the explanation is satisfactory and the patient hasn’t lost confidence with his doctor, then changing surgeons would not be necessary. However, if the patient has doubts, it would be prudent to obtain a couple of second opinions from Board Certified Plastic Surgeons that specialize in gynecomastia.

Miguel Delgado, M.D. states that up to 40% of his gynecomastia practice is revision surgery coming to him from other practices.

If you are unsure about your gynecomastia revision surgery, contact Miguel Delgado, M.D. for an expert opinion at (415 898-4161) or email (

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