Thursday, April 30, 2015

Man Boobs Reduction Results Before and After Pic | Sacramento, CA

Male Breast Reduction | Gynecomastia Surgery| Before and After Photos | Sacramento,CA

Gynecomastia reduction surgery is an art. Dr. Delgado is world renown for his care and experience .  These are some of his before and after pictures. Call today 415-898-4161 or email.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gynecomastia Doctor Reviews are Important to check.

Choosing Your Gynecomastia Surgeon by Reading Reviews

Finding the right cosmetic surgeon is a challenge, especially for men, who tend to be more private. Men who suffer from male breasts are not likely to ask friends for referrals for a gynecomastia specialist, so most will do an internet search in the privacy of their own home. Websites for plastic surgeons do give a lot of information and are a valuable tool. However, personal websites will be biased in favor of the doctor, and that should not be a surprise, so what do you do?

View before and after pictures of various surgeons’ patients, and pick a couple you like. Then, Miguel Delgado, M.D. recommends that you go to different websites that are dedicated to giving reviews of plastic surgeons. There are many websites available that do this, after checking them out you will probably get a good idea of the capabilities of the surgeon. Bear in mind that there will almost always be a couple of bad reviews, and don’t let that discourage you, there will always be people that have unrealistic expectations. Go with what the majority of reviews reflect for a reliable evaluation.

Some of the websites that give reviews will give lots of important information, and have patients answer questions such as;

1.      Was it easy to make an appointment?
2.      Was the receptionist friendly and make you feel comfortable?
3.      Did you have to wait very long to be seen by the doctor?
4.      Were all your questions answered to your satisfaction?
5.      Did you feel you had good communication with the doctor?
6.      Were you happy with the results of your surgery?
7.      Was your post-operative care adequate?
gynecomastia reviews sites-sacramento, ca
Vitals review site

There are a lot of websites that rate, restaurants, hotels, car rentals, attorneys and doctors (and more). If you Google “reviews on doctors” you will find websites such as;


The ratings on these sites are by real patients and remember you are encouraged to give a review of your experience as well!

Another great source for men looking for a male breast reduction surgeon is the website has been around since 1999 and was developed by a psychologist who suffered from gynecomastia himself. The website remains the most popular source for information on gynecomastia in the world. Featured are forums that men can post questions and answers to each other and participating surgeons concerning any issues they may be having with gynecomastia.  There is a tab for “find a surgeon” for referrals all over the United States and beyond. Many men will share stories about specific surgeons.

Miguel Delgado, M.D. has been treating men with gynecomastia since 1988 and is considered an expert in his field. If male breasts are causing you to suffer, call today for a consultation at (415 898-4161) or email (