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Gynecomastia, Bodybuilding, and Steroids and Sacramento,CA

Gynecomastia, Bodybuilding, and Steroids

Gynecomastia, Bodybuilding, and Steroids
Steroid-Induced Gynecomastia and after Surgery

The use of steroids is very common for many men. Pro athletes use it for enhancing performance. Bodybuilders use steroids for enhancing muscle development. Steroids come in a variety of forms; it can be injected or taken orally or even as a topical cream or gel.

There are many products available online and in retail stores that claim they are dietary supplements and are marketed for bodybuilding. They assert the products contain steroids or steroid type substances. The FDA has not approved these products and warns consumers they may be potentially harmful.

Anabolic steroid use is illegal unless it is for the treatment of a medical condition and prescribed by a doctor. Steroids are extremely potent, and the user needs to be aware of all the potential side effects.

Known side effects include; mood swings, increases in cholesterol, impotence, heart attack, liver cancer, and the development of breasts on men.

Steroid use has been prevalent in many of Dr. Delgado’s body building patients who seek treatment for gynecomastia. Not all steroid users will develop gynecomastia, but it is hard to say who will. Generally, men or boys who have even a small degree of breast development are more prone.

“Aromatization” is a process where anabolic steroids convert into estrogen-like compounds that change the balance of estrogen and testosterone, and that may result in breast growth. Once the breast tissue has formed, it will not go away even if the use of steroids has been curtailed. At that point, the only resolution will be surgery.

Dr. Delgado warns his patients that over the counter drugs sold online and in retail stores for the purposes of reducing the male chest are untested and have dubious results.
There are many men willing to share their experience with these products on a popular website called gynecomastia.org. Before spending your money, you might want to check out their stories.

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