Monday, September 30, 2013

Severe Gynecomastia Male Breast and the Two Stage Surgical Treatment

Severe Gynecomastia Male Breast and the Two Stage Surgical Treatment

Sacramento, California - This is a 28 year old male from Sacramento, California who seeks treatment for his severe gynecomastia. This is a very difficult case, in which, many surgeons would advise to perform a mastectomy for the removal of this vast amount of skin and breast tissue. The treatment would be a successful  but would result in large scars across his chest.  This would defeat the purpose of the this young man wanting to take of his shirt and go swimming or other events with his family.

Sacramento, California Gynecomastia surgery
Severe Gynecomastia

Sacramento, California Gynecomastia surgery

Severe Gynecomastia Breasts

The first stage is done under general anesthesia.  Dr. Delgado will remove the breast gland perform liposuction for both the chest and the axilla region.  A breast lift will be performed with an incision above the areola and a crescent  or half moon shape of skin excised above.  This will lift the skin to further reduce the breast fold. 

This photo is after the first stage in which the breast tissue has been removed and the superior crescent lift  has been performed.  Tacking sutures have been placed  above the areola to help maintain the skin's position.
Dr. Delgado has developed a two-stage procedure for these difficult cases.  It is not successful in all cases like morbid obesity but may be useful in many other cases of severe gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia surgery after the first stage at 3 months

 You will notice that after the first stage, the mass of breast tissue and fat has been removed but the lax skin remains.  The second stage will be performed after the blood supply has re-established itself  to the nipple-areola area after 4 to 5 months.

The above is the patient laying down and we are looking at his right chest 5 months after the first stage. The outline is the peri-areolar lift with the doughnut shape skin in the center to be excised and the outer circle being closed to the inner circle as a purse-string closure.

3 weeks after stage 2 peri-areola lift

3 weeks after stage 2 peri-areola lift
The above photos show him at week 4 after the periareolar lift.  The skin puckering will improve over time.
 Dr. Delgado specializes in the surgical treatment of this medical condition.  This blog gives up to date changes in the industry and technical issues. Dr. Delgado has a specialized gynecomastia website which has over 500 before and after photos or visit our main cosmetic surgery website. Offices in Marin County and San Francisco. Call today 415-898-4161.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pull Through Gynecomastia Surgery -Minimal Invasive

Pull Through Gynecomastia Surgery-Minimal Scarring

Sacramento, California

Lately, with all the media coverage and plastic surgery shows, there is a new awareness of corrective surgery for men. Forty to sixty percent of all men suffer with the condition known as gynecomastia, female like breasts on men. Also known as “moobs” or “man boobs”.

According to the American Society Of Plastic Surgery(ASPS), male breast reduction, is the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure.

Men suffering with the gynecomastia breast are now researching their options through internet searches in extremely large numbers, as statistics show. There are over a million and a half results on Google under the term “gynecomastia”. Articles, blogs and information websites abound.

sacramento gynecomastia - male reduction surgery
Pull Through Of Gynecomastia Breast Tissue
Gynecomastia surgery can be a two to four hour procedure depending on the severity of the case. For most, the surgery entails; liposuction and surgical excision of breast tissue. At the end of the surgery, drains are put in place to keep fluid from building up at the surgical site.

sacramento gynecomastia - male breast reduction
Pull Through Small Incision

As men become more familiar with the surgery, many have asked if there is a less invasive procedure for gynecomastia treatment. The Pull Though procedure has been performed for nearly twenty years. The procedure has been perfected over the years and now is fairly common place for seasoned gynecomastia surgeons.

Dr. Miguel Delgado is a gynecomastia specialist who specializes in male breast reduction surgery. He has offices in San Francisco and Marin County which is less than an hour from Sacramento.  For more information go to his gynecomastia specialist website for over 500 before and after pictures and many videos.  Call Today 415-898-4161 or email.

Sacramento Gynecomastia - Male Breast Reduction
Pre-Op Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Surgery Sacramento - Male Breast Reduction
Post Op at 6 months